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Opinions on yodelling at Chiemsee:
“…Yodelling simply connects EVERYONE – it doesn’t require a language, ANYONE can learn it…”

Earlybird VC Management GmbH & Co. KG

“…Raising voices in ways for which one would otherwise be patterned with incomprehensible stares in everyday life brought a glow to all our eyes and a sense of freedom….”

Paul Geißler GmbH

Enjoy nature – experience community – refuel with yodelling at the Chiemsee

With the songwriter, yodel trainer and entertainer Horst Biewald you can expect a very special time in shared ease, natural harmony and musical joie de vivre while yodeling at Lake Chiemsee and the other wonderful places.

Together with the other participants, you will experience pleasurable moments, enjoy the dreamlike surroundings and, of course, in between you are welcome to simply let your soul dangle with hearty laughter. This is because natural laughter activates the diaphragm and thus strengthens breathing, voice and vitality – not to mention the feel-good factor due to the hormones released in the process. So there are many good reasons to dive into this special fun.

And very importantly, we don’t need any pressure to perform for this and leave the “good” or “bad” ratings completely behind. Because this way we not only have the most fun but also the greatest learning success, which has even been scientifically proven for a long time! In a relaxed way, the necessary techniques are taught, which after a short time already lead to harmonious and liberating yodelling experiences – even if you have not yet considered yourself a natural talent.

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You are convinced you can not sing and yodel?

Many have already practiced and learned yodelling at Chiemsee with Horst Biewald. Maybe there were unpleasant experiences in childhood that led you to the attitude, you can not? This should not be a reason to let the joy of singing and tones be taken away for life! Everyone who has a healthy vocal apparatus can go deeper into the joys of singing with individual developmental steps. We focus on having fun together while yodeling. In this way, even long-held convictions are shaken and transformed into a sense of achievement.

Thousands of enthusiastic participants have been inspired by yodelling at Lake Chiemsee in recent years – read what the proud owners of the yodelling diplomas have to say:



Hello Mr. Biewald, we thank you again very much for this great evening. Our guests and employees were completely enthusiastic ! I hope I may pass on your business card to interested colleagues, because one’s always on the lookout for great “event” programmes in the company. Kind regards Margit Schuhbäck

Dear Horst,

I wanted to thank you again for the eventful and happy day that you have prepared for a Prussian woman from West Germany ! When I walked this morning, still near Munich, with Amigo (my dog) through the fields, I loudly invoked the mountain spirit, thereby I did not feel the great heat at all! I’m sure it will help me on my return trip to the Ruhrgebiet as well! The day was really a great pleasure!

Kind regards
Dietlinde Heuer from Essen

Earlybird VC Management GmbH & Co. KG


Dear Mr. Biewald, many, many thanks for your yodelling seminar on the occasion of our Christmas party. You were simply MAGNIFICENT!!!! Although it was a mixed group of people and also of different nations, you managed with an ease and a lot of humor and fun to inspire everyone about yodelling. And all that in perfect English – big compliments!!! Everyone participated with so much fun and joy and of course were thrilled with their “passed” yodelling diploma. I think for a Christmas party, especially with people of different nationalities, there can be no better program. Yodelling simply connects EVERYONE – it doesn’t require a language, EVERYONE can learn it. It was insanely fun, also with the wonderful accompanying instruments and I think it really sounded quite good for us being bloody “yodel” beginners…. We received great feedback from everyone. Thank you so very much, I hope to see you again soon, it was so nice to meet you and I think we will definitely do it again in another setting. It was sooo much fun. We wish you a wonderful Christmas season and a good and healthy start into the New Year. Warm greetings Yours Donata and Hendrik Brandis

Hello Horst,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the great seminar, we all had a lot of fun! With the beautiful sunny day on Saturday, we practiced again diligently on the ship. Now we are looking forward to the radio report and are already curious what exactly will be reported and broadcast?

Have a nice week and best regards today from Munich,

Gitte Becker
(Michael´s 50. Birthday)

Gasteig München GmbH


Dear Mr. Biewald, thank you very much for your yodelling seminar, which you held in our Gasteiger Winteralm. You brought a lot of momentum into our hut that evening! The mood among our guests was very relaxed and cheerful and I received quite a few enthusiastic feedbacks afterwards. Thank you very much and best regards, Dr. Patricia Strauß

Dear Horst,

I would like to thank you for a really wonderful day! I had a wonderful day with my 82 year old mother Dietlinde (who is truly an extraordinary person !) that will last a long time. Thank you for your humor, your clarity in teaching us how to yodel – it was really great. We practiced the Alperer at home directly in two voices.
It was a great experience, I will be happy to recommend it to others!

Kind regards,

Felicitas Heuer

Paul Geißler GmbH


Greetings, dear Horst! Now it’s almost three weeks since we were able to get to know yodelling together with you up on the mountain (well, not quite up, but still), and yet the beautiful melodies and especially the heartwarming moments are present every day. Raising our voices in a way for which we would otherwise be looked at with incomprehensible glances in everyday life brought a sparkle to all of our eyes and a sense of freedom. Through your simple way and your ability to involve all of us, together we have achieved something – not perfect – but incredible. Because you actually managed that our multicultural team, with joy, yodelled and sang from the bottom of their hearts. The melodies and whoops we all still have in our ears and from the memories and the videos we will probably still live our whole lives to laugh every time anew from full soul. For these reasons and many more, we would all like to thank you very much and are already looking forward to seeing you again. Your Paul Geißler Team …thought and written by Jana – approved by the boss

The special surprise party:
G’stanzl singing

Are you looking for a special insert for your party? Then why not involve your party guests right away?

I will create a series of “G’stanzl” according to your wishes and based on the information you provide. At the event itself, I teach the party guests the corresponding yodel in a crash course (without yet explaining why they will need it) and then start singing the prepared G’stanzl. The audience is fully involved with the yodel as a refrain and unexpectedly supports the G’stanzl for the “target” with full vocal power.

The surprise effect is guaranteed!


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