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You have received a voucher from an event organizer for a yodeling seminar?

Please enter your data in the form. This will allow me to either correctly assign you to the event you have already booked or – if you have yet to select the event location and date – to store your voucher number in the system.

I will then contact you by e-mail.

Many thanks in advance – if you have any questions about this, feel free to call me:

+49 (0)8051 964596

For info

The booking platforms / event organizers do not always pass on the booking data in full, which often makes it difficult for me to allocate the event vouchers and causes problems for customers when redeeming them. For booking in my store, I need to store your external gift voucher number in the store first, so that you can redeem the externally purchased gift voucher on my website as well.

Therefore: Thank you very much for your assistance!

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Yodeling at the Chiemsee with Horst Biewald voucher

This allows you to select your desired event directly in the store.

Simply enter the voucher number in the shopping cart or on the payment page under “Voucher code” during payment.