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“For me, yodelling is an expression of strength, joie de vivre and love of nature.”

Horst Biewald

Info About My Yodel Seminars

Yodelling is an ancient way of communicating over long distances especially in the mountains. From the original tone sequences for the transmission of warning or help calls, information or even gossip, in the course of time, an own style of singing has developed, which we associate today with yodelling.

For me it is an expression of joy, courage, strength, love of life and love of nature. Learning to yodel is fun, good mood, healthy and awakens our natural primal power. The straddle of the right mixture of an entertaining, musical learning and natural fun succeeds me since meanwhile 10 years in my yodel seminars. They are conceptually designed to spark enthusiasm and joy in making music together through group singing and yodelling, and incidentally to strengthen concentration, well-being and love of nature in the course participants. Yodelling grounds us, brings us back to our roots in nature and is a special expression of the natural beauty and power of a contented life.

Especially when singing and yodelling in a group, we can meet each other in a particularly intense and pleasant way that is difficult to describe. One of the top priorities for me is that it must not be uncomfortable or even embarrassing for anyone. As we train our singing technique, our attention goes more to the gut and we get closer to our very own feelings as a result. A common frequency, a harmony, is created in the group. Music connects.

I want to help people rediscover and develop their very own musical joy.

The best thing to do is just try it yourself. Until then, the following videos will give you a small insight into the power and dynamics that can arise during such seminars in the group:

What Is The Procedure Of The Yodel Seminars?

A customized yodelling seminar for a special occasion such as a birthday, business meeting or company party is always special. Preferably at the beginning of the party or meeting, it brings movement to any group and strengthens the sense of community in a very short time.

For corporate or private group events, we first discuss where the yodeling seminar will be held. This can be anywhere between Huglfing and Honolulu, indoors or outdoors, and can range from a short entertainment interlude to a day seminar.

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Prior knowledge and special talents are not required for the participants. When we are on the road, only the clothes should be chosen accordingly and if necessary. have some provisions packed and we should discuss an additional bad weather option in advance.

Everything is completely relaxed – the most important point is always that everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.

We start with specially selected exercises to prepare the body, mind and breathing for this special singing technique. The first stress falls away, the first laugh is infectious and relaxing, so that through increased concentration and a pleasant body feeling, the voice can sound freely.

Then we will start with the first simple yodelling exercises, which we will later accompany with traditional instruments. In individual steps we work our way forward with original and traditional yodels from the Alpine region, adapted to the group and its dynamics.

For the yodeling seminars, I have also freely translated some Bavarian and Austrian yodeling songs into English, so that participants in an English-language yodeling seminar can enjoy the yodeling feeling in their language as well.

Music for me is something like food for the soul and reward for the child in us. It is an honor for me to provide you with the necessary knowledge for this and to give you the necessary tools. Because I believe it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

And of course there is the personal yodel diploma for each participant after completion of the yodel seminar!

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On the way to the yodel star applies, of course:

“Practice makes perfect…”

By the way, in the last few years, more and more professional musicians have been coming to my yodeling seminars or for private lessons.

My participants practicing at Hintersee in the magic forest – what a dreamlike scenery…

Questions? Suggestions? Stay informed?

If you have any questions, want to talk to me about planning for your event, or want to be informed about new dates, write to me.

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