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“For me, yodelling is an expression of strength, joie de vivre and love of nature.”

Horst Biewald

Info About My Yodel Seminars

Yodelling is an ancient way of communicating over long distances especially in the mountains. From the original tone sequences for the transmission of warning or help calls, information or even gossip, in the course of time, an own style of singing has developed, which we associate today with yodelling.

For me it is an expression of joy, courage, strength, love of life and love of nature. Learning to yodel is fun, good mood, healthy and awakens our natural primal power. The straddle of the right mixture of an entertaining, musical learning and natural fun succeeds me since meanwhile 10 years in my yodel seminars. They are conceptually designed to spark enthusiasm and joy in making music together through group singing and yodelling, and incidentally to strengthen concentration, well-being and love of nature in the course participants. Yodelling grounds us, brings us back to our roots in nature and is a special expression of the natural beauty and power of a contented life.

Especially when singing and yodeling in a group, we can meet each other in a particularly intense and pleasant way that is difficult to describe.

One of the top priorities for me during yodeling seminars and events is that it should not be awkward or embarrassing for anyone. As we train our singing technique, our attention goes more to the gut and we get closer to our very own feelings as a result. A common frequency, a harmony, is created in the group. Music connects.

I want to help people rediscover and develop their very own musical joy. Music for me is something like food for the soul and reward for the child in us. It is an honor for me to provide you with the necessary knowledge for this and to give you the necessary tools. Because I’m convinced it’s never too late to have a happy childhood.

What Is The Procedure Of The Yodel Seminars And Yodel Events?

Right up front: previous knowledge and special talents are not required for the participants. When we are on the road, only the clothes should be chosen accordingly and if necessary. have some provisions packed and we should discuss an additional bad weather option in advance. If the yodeling takes place in a closed room, it is very easy anyway, as I will bring along equipment such as loudspeaker system if necessary. Everything is completely relaxed – the most important point is always that everyone is having fun and enjoying themselves.

We always start with specially selected exercises that prepare the body, mind and breathing for this special singing technique and immediately have a noticeable effect on concentration, relaxation and well-being. The first stress falls away, the first laugh is infectious and relaxing. This is followed by joyful, playful and collaborative learning that incidentally develops the speaking voice.

Then it’s time for the first simple yodeling exercises, which we can use if necessary, later also accompanied with traditional instruments. In individual steps we work our way forward with original and traditional yodels from the Alpine region, adapted to the event format, the group and its dynamics. I have also freely translated some Bavarian and Austrian yodeling songs into English so that participants in an English-speaking group can enjoy the yodeling feeling in their language as well.

You will find here linked request forms for private events and corporate events, so that you can send me the necessary information to prepare a quote without much effort.

If you would like to experience a yodeling seminar as an individual or with friends, you can find the next dates and venues here in the store and book tickets directly.

For individual company or private events, we first discuss the framework data and of course where the yodeling event is to be held. This can be anywhere between Huglfing and Honolulu, indoors or outdoors, and can range from a short entertainment interlude to a day seminar.

The following videos give you a small insight into the power and dynamics that can arise during such seminars and events in the group.

Each event can be held in German and English!

Yodeling Together At Individual Company Events

Experiences in social structures leave traces and emotions that can also be found in the working world and influence entire teams or departments. Many companies are currently going through difficult phases.

Lightness and joy are not necessarily associated with working life for all employees on a daily basis, and warm interpersonal relationships can then sometimes get lost in the pressure to perform.

That’s where a little laughter, fun and especially a sense of togetherness comes in handy….


For me, as an “outsider”, it is much easier to pick up on issues of stakeholders in companies. More performance-oriented, business partners and colleagues can meet, complement and get to know each other anew on a purely joyful and amusing, almost childlike level and thus redefine their relationships – ideally right at the beginning of a company event or an important meeting.

Yodeling has not only a great fun factor but also deep psychological effects. You’ll be amazed at how something as seemingly mundane as yodeling together affects the participants as individuals and the group as a whole. Read here what comes as feedback from other corporate customers:

A Yodel Highlight For The Next Corporate Event?

If you’d like to try this at your next corporate event, send me your request with some info and I’ll get back to you to discuss further details.



Hello Mr. Biewald, we thank you again very much for this great evening. Our guests and employees were completely enthusiastic ! I hope I may pass on your business card to interested colleagues, because one’s always on the lookout for great “event” programmes in the company. Kind regards Margit Schuhbäck

Earlybird VC Management GmbH & Co. KG


Dear Mr. Biewald, many, many thanks for your yodelling seminar on the occasion of our Christmas party. You were simply MAGNIFICENT!!!! Although it was a mixed group of people and also of different nations, you managed with an ease and a lot of humor and fun to inspire everyone about yodelling. And all that in perfect English – big compliments!!! Everyone participated with so much fun and joy and of course were thrilled with their “passed” yodelling diploma. I think for a Christmas party, especially with people of different nationalities, there can be no better program. Yodelling simply connects EVERYONE – it doesn’t require a language, EVERYONE can learn it. It was insanely fun, also with the wonderful accompanying instruments and I think it really sounded quite good for us being bloody “yodel” beginners…. We received great feedback from everyone. Thank you so very much, I hope to see you again soon, it was so nice to meet you and I think we will definitely do it again in another setting. It was sooo much fun. We wish you a wonderful Christmas season and a good and healthy start into the New Year. Warm greetings Yours Donata and Hendrik Brandis

Gasteig München GmbH


Dear Mr. Biewald, thank you very much for your yodelling seminar, which you held in our Gasteiger Winteralm. You brought a lot of momentum into our hut that evening! The mood among our guests was very relaxed and cheerful and I received quite a few enthusiastic feedbacks afterwards. Thank you very much and best regards, Dr. Patricia Strauß

Paul Geißler GmbH


Greetings, dear Horst! Now it’s almost three weeks since we were able to get to know yodelling together with you up on the mountain (well, not quite up, but still), and yet the beautiful melodies and especially the heartwarming moments are present every day. Raising our voices in a way for which we would otherwise be looked at with incomprehensible glances in everyday life brought a sparkle to all of our eyes and a sense of freedom. Through your simple way and your ability to involve all of us, together we have achieved something – not perfect – but incredible. Because you actually managed that our multicultural team, with joy, yodelled and sang from the bottom of their hearts. The melodies and whoops we all still have in our ears and from the memories and the videos we will probably still live our whole lives to laugh every time anew from full soul. For these reasons and many more, we would all like to thank you very much and are already looking forward to seeing you again. Your Paul Geißler Team …thought and written by Jana – approved by the boss

Individual Yodel Event For Private

An individual yodeling event for a special occasion such as a birthday, bachelorette party or family celebration is always something special. At parties or meetings, it brings movement into each group – preferably at the beginning of the event – and strengthens the sense of community in a very short time. We can plan just a few hours together or a whole day – and everything in between.

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Yodel With The Guests At The Private Party?

Let’s talk about how to surprise your guests at your next private event – send me your request with some info, I’ll be happy to get back to you and we’ll discuss everything in detail.

Dear Horst,

I wanted to thank you again for the eventful and happy day that you have prepared for a Prussian woman from West Germany ! When I walked this morning, still near Munich, with Amigo (my dog) through the fields, I loudly invoked the mountain spirit, thereby I did not feel the great heat at all! I’m sure it will help me on my return trip to the Ruhrgebiet as well! The day was really a great pleasure!

Kind regards
Dietlinde Heuer from Essen

Hello Horst,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for the great seminar, we all had a lot of fun! With the beautiful sunny day on Saturday, we practiced again diligently on the ship. Now we are looking forward to the radio report and are already curious what exactly will be reported and broadcast?

Have a nice week and best regards today from Munich,

Gitte Becker
(Michael´s 50. Birthday)

Dear Horst,

I would like to thank you for a really wonderful day! I had a wonderful day with my 82 year old mother Dietlinde (who is truly an extraordinary person !) that will last a long time. Thank you for your humor, your clarity in teaching us how to yodel – it was really great. We practiced the Alperer at home directly in two voices.
It was a great experience, I will be happy to recommend it to others!

Kind regards,

Felicitas Heuer

Yodel Half And Full Day Seminars

For Yodel Seminar tickets and vouchers that you can book directly in the store, the details vary slightly depending on the venue.

Browse through the individual descriptions under TOURS & MEETING POINTS, there I provide for each prepared tour the current information on the schedule including the possibility of online booking:

Of course, there is the personal yodel diploma for each participant after completion of a yodel seminar!

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FAQ – Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I learn yodeling?

What develops the singing voice helps the speaking voice at the same time. Being able to speak with a strong and convincing voice boosts self-confidence and significantly changes the effect you have on others.

Can it be embarrassing at the yodeling seminar?

No! I pay a lot of attention to making sure that it is pleasant for all participants. Forced auditioning, as was practiced in many schools a few decades ago, can create negative beliefs and dislikes -even fears. My yodeling seminars are led by me in a relaxed and mindful manner, so that such situations certainly do not arise. On the contrary, deep-seated, painful convictions can even be positively triggered and transferred into a resolution process. There has already been a lot of positive feedback from course participants on this topic.

I can't sing - what should I do at the yodeling seminar?

Although we use the voice every day, most of us have never dealt with the theoretical and practical knowledge bases of voice training. The ability to sing, like the ability to speak, is in principle inherent in every human being. It is more a question of technique and basic confidence to use this tool “voice” even better.

What framework conditions are required?

When we are outdoors the clothes should be suitable for the weather. In closed rooms, no special preparation is required. Only break catering and drinks should be organized or available – singing makes you hungry and thirsty and the vocal chords want to be moistened…

Are any previous experience or special talents required?

No, in principle, anyone who can speak can also sing. In the yodeling seminar, we will work on the corresponding breathing and singing techniques, so prior knowledge or special talents are not required.

Where can you hold a yodeling seminar?

Generally everywhere – best of course in beautiful weather in the open air. In case of uncomfortable weather or planning an in-house event, a room large enough for the group should be available – gladly both combined!

What if someone is not musical?

When we work with our voice, we always influence our well-being and our psyche at the same time. It is a form of self-regulation that can be used by anyone regardless of musicality. Everyone starts from a different level of knowledge – we learn together and progress piece by piece with fun and joy.

What happens when it rains or snows?

As a rule, in case of bad weather, it is more advantageous to go to a sheltered, warm and sufficiently large place where the participants feel comfortable. There are no special requirements for this.

What are the side effects of a yodeling seminar?

Here is an excerpt of the results from thousands of participants:

  • Significant improvement of the speaking voice
  • Working through problems with embarrassing situations (public speaking / singing / lecturing, etc.)
  • Best suited for convinced critics (“I can’t sing”)
  • Calming the central nervous system
  • Improvement of creativity, social interaction and performance, among other things, because singing and yodeling leads out of the “Fight/Flight/Freeze” mode – into the “Relaxed” mode
  • Strengthening the sense of belonging of the group
Can you really learn to yodel in a few hours?

All learning begins with current skills and is a developmental process. The greatest learning success occurs with fun and enthusiasm, this has long been scientifically proven (among others by the neurobiologist and brain researcher Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther).

My participants practicing at Hintersee in the magic forest – what a dreamlike scenery…

On the way to the yodel star applies, of course:

“Practice makes perfect…”

Questions? Suggestions? Stay informed?

If you have any questions, want to talk to me about planning for your event, or want to be informed about new dates, write to me.

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